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Due to my health issues, and limited means of transportation, and limited funds I sadly will not be attending Trotcon 2014.

I know :iconchaoticpix93: and her mate Jinzo offered to come get me, but I told them the uncertainty of what I have/don't have medically and my lack of funds would be a hinderance to me having a good time. I am thankful they were willing to do that for me, but I feel I need to focus on my health first.

In April, I collapsed in a Walmart. After a stay in a hospital I saw my neurologist who had an MRI and sleep study scheduled.

Everything came back negative for epilepsy and other things. The doctor even called me on a Sunday from the sleep clinic to say nothing came up positive for epilepsy or worse.

A week later I followed up with my primary doctor and he was told something different. A letter was sent to him saying I had epilepsy before any of these tests were done.

And now the neurologist is saying that is true and I'm barred from driving until October.

I am going to a clinic in columbus owned by the OSU Medical Center to see, with fresh eyes if they can either confirm with detail to why I have epiepsy, and if I don't then why I collapsed.

That is in late August though, and by then I'll be a month away from being free from what is essentially akin to a house arrest. I'm allowed to leave as long as someone is able to take me there.

Now my grandma threw her good knee out of whack - and fell. She didn't tell me she fell until long after the fact - 26 hours after the fact.

My worries are mounting as not only fatigue from 2013 returns, my health gets back to square 0, but we're struggling.

If only grandpa were around.

... but the way the country and the world is going he'd be angry.

When you eat your Smarties... 

11 deviants said ...or munch them very fast?
4 deviants said you suck them very slowly?
1 deviant said you eat the red ones last?


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Hey! glad to see you're back! ^^
Looking forward to more art from you! :)
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Also your icon is amazing.
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